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Looking for the ideal receive fax on computer solutions? You can receive faxes via email with an internet faxing solution, or through electronic fax software programs.


Receive Fax On Computer Using Computer Faxing Programs And Phone Line

Faxing documents has become a simple and easy process of communication between offices. Faxing may be done using the computer that is attached to a fax modem. Such a task is accomplished by faxing software that is available. Windows fax and scan, Winfax and Essential fax are some examples.

To receive a fax on the computer, it must first be set up. In the faxing wizard, the fax modem should be connected and the required details filled. There are two options that are available to receive faxes on the computer with a fax modem, either they can be received manually or they can be received automatically.

In the menu Windows Fax and Scan, the option that fax should be received automatically should be chosen in the general menu. This would allow fax calls to be answered automatically, if one needs to answer a regular call, the phone needs to be picked up before the modem does.

If the faxes need not be received automatically then in the windows fax and scan tool bar the 'receive a fax now' option should be clicked. The fax status monitor will display the status of the fax. A fax should be double clicked to be viewed. It can be zoomed, rotated and printed, if necessary. A copy of the fax may be stored in a folder of choice in the computer. This type of faxing may be carried out by individuals and small companies where the cost of faxing is minimal.

Receive Fax On Computer Using Computer Faxing Without Phone Line

To receive faxes via email, internet fax services should be used that require a computer with broadband access. On registering with these e-mail to fax services, a local number is provided with that is used for receiving faxes. The faxes are received as an attachment in the e-mail and they can be read using special software that is provided by the internet fax services.

These services have different plans that can be opted for depending on the usage. A lot of these internet services offer free 30 day period during which there is free fax via e-mail. That's usually a good way to check out the online fax provider's services and see if you like them.

The advantage of being able to receive faxes via e-mail is that the faxes can be accessed anywhere from a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, even when you are out and about. Most of the internet fax services are compatible with the available e-mail accounts. Depending on the service you choose, he incoming faxes can be routed to multiple email addresses; this reduces the necessity for forwarding.

Since the internet fax does not require either a fax machine or a fax modem, it saves money and space and it does not require a separate phone line. These faxes are hassle free and do not waste paper, ink or toner as the documents can be read and printed only when necessary.

No matter which receive fax on computer option you choose, computer faxing ensures privacy and confidentiality, as the faxes are received as an e-mail attachment and only the person who has access to the email account will be able to read the fax. This greatly reduces the chance of the faxes reaching the wrong hands.

If you are unsure what to do next, there are numerous free trials being offered by a reputable online faxing service provider such as RingCentral. That's one way to receive faxes via email for free and see if the process works for you. Do make sure that you test the service out fully during the free trial period.

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