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Would you like to fax over the internet? For many of us this is the perfect solution to streamlining the way we send or receive faxes, or get away from buying and maintaining fax phone lines and fax machines.


Traditionally, faxing on a computer requires a phone line to send or receive faxes and a fax modem and software to read and interpret the data into a readable format. In place of that system, sending or receiving faxes over the internet requires the help of an online fax service provider who will transmit the document that you want to fax over the internet into signals that can be received as a readable fax. Fax over the internet is a service known by various names: online fax service, fax to email service or fax over broadband services. Here are more details as to how these services work.

How Do I Receive A Fax Over The Internet?

To receive a fax over the internet, you will need to sign up with an online fax service provider that will provide you with a fax number. The fax number can be a local number or a toll free number depending on your needs. There are many such online fax software services, from providers like eFax, SmartFax, PamFax and RingCentral. The cost runs approximately $9 - $15 a month for a basic account (subject to change, so please check).

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You can print your online fax number on your business card or stationery or publicize it anyway you want, much like you would with a traditional fax number. The difference is that now you can fax thru email. Once someone sends a fax over to your phone number, the fax can be emailed to your Inbox, and this would allow to receive faxes via email directly.

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Can I Receive A Fax Via Email For Free?

Yes, a free receive fax on the internet service is available (under free eFax services from If you do not expect to do a lot of faxing, there is a receive fax via email for free service available through If you sign up for their service, they will provide you own fax number for free (not local). It's free to receive faxes, and if you need to send faxes, you can also do so after you upgrade to the paid version.

How Do I Send A Fax Over The Internet?

To send a fax over email or broadband, you can do so via an internet faxing service. Start by signing up for an account with one of the many fax service providers like eFax, SmartFax, or Ring Central. Depending on the service, you may have to download additional online faxing software that will work with the service. Once configured, you should be able to send faxes via email with options to upload attachments like graphics or MS Word documents. Very easy, very powerful.

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How To Send A Fax Over The Internet For Free?

For anyone who only needs to send a fax off every now and then, you can send a fax from your computer for free! Try the or service. It's a free online fax service that allows you to send a limited numbers of pages per day. These send faxes over the internet for free services allow users to type in text fax messages or upload attachments and then click to send. If you have a higher degree of need, you can either upgrade to send more pages with a small payment per fax or else get started on a monthly internet faxing service plan as described above.

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