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Fax Blasting Software

Fax broadcasting with fax blasting software programs is a cost-effective way to get important information to decision makers or update your client base about your products and services.


Faxing using the internet has revolutionized sending and receiving faxes. Fax blasting software is the super feature as it provides the option of sending to a large group of people with the relative ease. Once a fax is written up, it's similar to sending faxes to an individual. Fax blasting software programs are also called mass fax software programs or broadcasting fax software programs.

Fax blast sofware usually work on any windows and you can send and receive faxes while another application is being used. A complete log is generally available that allows the individual to keep a track of all the faxes that are sent and received. The faxes can be scheduled during non-peak hours that would help save phone bills. These options should be kept in mind while ordering fax blast programs that greatly reduce the cost of sending bulk faxes. The fax broadcasting software allows the faxes to be sent by the individual at a lower cost while exercising the option of using a fax broadcasting service would cost higher. Such mass fax software would require a computer, fax modem, a phone line and the software. In contrast, a fax blast service only needs a computer and internet access to work.

Fax Broadcasting Services vs. Fax Blast Software

Fax broadcasting services allow sending bulk faxes easily. These are full services and would not require a fax modem to be invested. The service provider will send it from his faxing server or fax equipment. These faxes are paid page wise and the sending and receiving of the mails are handled professionally.

The fax broadcasting services offer a large number of options that should be checked for while availing the service for one. Some companies offer to write the names of each and every fax recipient that allows personalization of the faxes sent. This creates a better connection with the recipient. The rate offered by the broadcasting fax services should not be the only criteria for consideration as a large number of useful options are provided at slightly higher charges that would greatly aid the growth of the company. Some services offer easy methods to delete names and addresses of recipients.

Benefits of Fax Broadcasting Services

Instead of buying and installing your own fax blast software for use, fax blast services offer these benefits:

  • It provides professional handling of faxes
  • The fax broadcasting services may be used to mass distribute advertisements about the company's product to a large number of other companies.
  • The faxes are sent during office hours without affecting the normal work of the people at the office
  • The date and time of faxing can be specified
  • A log is maintained regarding the faxes sent
  • Special services that include adding names to the faxes and easy deletion of names are also provided
  • Office time, space and phone line remains undisturbed
  • Sending fax is better than e-mail as the receiver gets a copy at hand
  • Dependability is assured
  • Some services offer different plans depending upon the amount of faxes that need to be sent
  • Confidentiality is maintained
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