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Electronic Fax Software Options

Electronic fax software programs increase office productivity make our lives easier. Electronic faxing can be easily done without experiencing fax machine jams and messing with lots of paper faxes.

Electronic fax software has greatly revolutionized the way the faxes are sent and received. These computer or online fax software options allow:

  • Cheaper means of sending and receiving fax
  • Increased dependability
  • Confidentiality is maintained as the fax may be received only by the user
  • Greater mobility as the fax may be viewed from any computer within internet connection or with a mobile with internet connectivity
  • Less paper toner and ink used

Electronic Faxing Software That Works With A Phone Line and Fax Modem

Electronic fax software options include Windows Fax that is bundled free with Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista. Another free electronic faxing software is called eFax by Casas Communications (not the eFax fax over the internet service).

Besides free electronic fax software, depending on your needs, paid fax software programs may include more advanced features like forwarding of faxes to your email account or fax broadcasating. Examples of these computer faxing software programs include WinFax, Faxamatic and Essential Fax that can be used with Windows, and PageSender, an electronic fax software for Mac users. These options of software ensure that the fax is sent and received using a fax modem and a land phone line, without the need for a fax machine. This reduces the need for a fax machine and the need to print documents before they are faxed. It is fast and easy and the documents can be transferred to a fax machine without delay.

What you do need with these electronic faxing programs is an inexpensive piece of hardware call the fax modem and a land phone line.

Electronic Faxing Services That Sends / Receive Faxes Via Email

There are numerous free electronic fax software programs that are available and can be used to send and receive faxes using the computer and a broadband modem. In order to use the computer to send and receive faxes without the fax modem and with a broadband modem, one needs to register with an internet faxing service provider. The electronic fax software helps in transmitting faxes that can be received as e-mail attachments. A lot of internet fax service providers also offer a free trial of 30 days before ordering, these options help one choose the right software that would suit their needs. Some of these service providers offer good international rates, while some other sites require special software to be downloaded before the faxes are read.

These faxes can be viewed after downloading software from the website of the internet fax provider allowing zoom, rotation and printing options. The faxes can be stored in a folder in the computer and some online fax software service providers provide storage of the faxes for usually a predetermined period, such as a year.

The e-mail to fax software allows the faxes to be sent as e-mail attachments to fax machines. The faxes are attached as PDF files and sent using a specific e-mail to fax software that is provided by the online fax software service provider. The internet faxing options provides advantages that are not present in the traditional form of faxing. Since the faxes are sent via-e-mail only the user or people who know the password to the e-mail id will get access to the fax. This reduces the chance of the fax reaching the wrong hands.

Electronic fax companies allow faxes to be sent simultaneously to 5 different addresses which greatly reduce the need for forwarding the incoming fax to people in the know or within a close group. The fax to e-mail software allows the fax to be received even if the computer is switched off as the fax is received only as an e-mail attachment and that eliminates the need for the system to remain in use throughout while receiving faxes. The fax can be viewed when the system is switched on. These are some of the advantages of using electronic fax software solutions that have greatly impacted and improves the means of business communication between corporate bodies.

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