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In this Computer Fax Programs Free / Paid section, we will discuss how to send or receive faxes on a computer with the help of popular computer fax programs.


Faxing important documents between offices that may be far apart or even across continents has been an important means of communication in the business world. The fax machine and the technique used have evolved immensely into an easy and cheaper means of communication. Computers with internet can now be used successfully in transmitting faxes removing the need for separate fax machines.

Computer Fax Programs Free or Paid: Computer Faxing With Phone Line

Windows offers Windows Fax and Scan which is an easy to use computer fax software that is already bundled free with Microsoft Windows. Faxes can be sent or received using this computer fax program, with a regular phone line and fax modem. The incoming fax may be stored in the fax console, printed or stored in another location in the computer depending upon the user specifications. Mac users like a similar computer faxing program called PageSender. This program used to be available for free, but now cost $40 after a free trial.

For more advanced functionalities like fast blasting, automated fax forwarding to different email addresses or fax numbers, and internet faxing capabilities, paid programs like WinFax Pro, 32bit Internet Fax or FaxAmatic are other alternative computer fax software programs that can be used for faxing. These are windows based and can be used by computers with a fax modem to communicate with other fax machines. Windows Fax and Winfax can be successfully used in transmitting faxes using the computer and with a fax modem.

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You will also need to get a fax modem for faxing to work.

Computer Fax Programs Free or Paid: Computer Fax Programs For Faxing Over The Internet

In order to use a broadband connection to send faxes, internet faxing should be used. This process involves fax transmission, by internet fax providers, to one's own e-mail address. The process of sending involves the attachment of files, such as .PDF, Text, Word or image files that are the most frequently used. Once the documents are attached into the e-mail, and the e-mail is sent using software available on the website of the internet fax provider. That's why they are also commonly referred to as email to fax services, or send / receive faxes via email services.

The incoming faxes will also be received as e-mail attachments and they can be read using the same computer faxing software. The faxes received can be zoomed into, rotated and printed, if necessary.

If you are looking to get internet computer fax programs free, or to be able to send faxes over the internet for free, there are a few ways to approach it. You can download some internet computer faxing programs for free, but they may require small payments per page or monthly fees. For example, you can download the PamFax computer faxing program free, pay nothing for your fax page (up to 3 pages) and then on an ongoing basis pay 12 cents page page faxed. FaxZero is another alternative that lets you send up to 6 fax pages a day for free, and does not even require you to mess with downloading or installing software. For a more complete free fax trial, offers a free trial (no credit card needed) that let's you both send and receive faxes, and it's $5 a month for the ongoing service.

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Computer Fax Program On Steroids: Fax Blasting Software

Businesses that require a large number of faxes to be sent can use the fax blasting software that is available. This software that is compatible with a large number of fax modems can be used to send large number of faxes. The software includes provision to start faxing after business hours and to stop when work starts the next day, allowing maximum utilization of phone lines.

Computer fax blasting software programs such as Black Ice, Copia or Faxts Telysis have been found to greatly aid in the process of faxing, reducing time and costs. There are cost-effective and feature-rich solutions available to small businesses as well as large corporations. They are designed to be easy to use and implement. More importantly, they can be used effectively to allow maximum benefits to the help the business bottom line.

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